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The Philly Story …

The Tamil community in Greater Philadelphia area (comprising of Philadelphia area, Delaware and south Jersey) started the TNF chapter on August 6, 2006 with EEGAI PERUVIZHA, a fund raiser to benefit abandoned mentally challenged children at Anbalayam in Sirkali. Y Gee Mahendra’s hilarious comedy “Kathalikka Neramundu” helped raise about $15,000 to buy 3 grounds of land in Sirkali to build a new home which for generations will help care for these children.

The 2006 charity event set the momentum for the Chapter’s subsequent growth which includes hosting the TNF’s 35th National Convention, attended by about 1500 delegates, in 2010. The convention proceeds were used to pilot the now successful and broadly implemented TNF-ABC educational initiative.

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TNF launched the ABC project in eight schools in Sivaganga district. The project has transformed the schools, and the students, for better, in many ways. Read More